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You will find various types of artwork in the SPECIAL section. James has a deep desire for art and enjoys creating new things. Occasionally, you will find a poem or two, maybe a new series or brand, possibly several different mugs he might be highlighting.  Sometimes there will be SPECIAL OFFERS on products or paintings that are discounted. Then there are times like this one, you can make multiple multiple payments on certain paintings to make it more affordable win purchase a painting by James Weygandt – Limited Time Offer


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we think those with nothing have not,
do they have not even a warm cot?
hungry, staring deep into the pot,
crossing paths of those that fought,
proud country then, now they rot,
like you and I, once a little tot,
growing up fast and dreaming a lot,
today their wish, “food easily bought,
never to forget what we’re taught,
helping those hurting, very distraught,
poverty opens our eyes to the thought,
if we fuel the spot, hunger’s a blot,
always remember this old man’s jot,
because it has a marvelous plot.


Painting throughout the day, JAMES WEYGANDT finds himself listening to his paintings. Some of his paintings are very boisterous, just as the oil flows from his brush, James will write a poem as he paints.  As James was a painting Power of Poverty, James found a connection with this veteran of poverty. Serving many years in the military, then lived a full and happy life into his prime. Why then, are there so many veterans on the streets today looking for a meal or somewhere to sleep? James wants you to remember the power of poverty, so we can strive to reduce the amount of veterans living on the streets.