Rockwall TX


Jim has done all of the branding for our organic market, grill, and health coaching center. His marketing insight, creativity, and ability to create and manage a brand and pull multiple diverging elements into one cohesive image is uncanny. We have been blown away by his skill at creating everything from in-store shelf backing imagery to freezer and wall graphics to life-like paintings of staff members. He can take a rambling list and turn it into a beautiful, colorful, organized and interesting info board. He can take a vague idea and turn it into an actionable logo applied in coordinating colors across all store signage to pull all retail elements into a seamless, functional whole. We have never known any other artist so capable of bringing an entire diverse product to fruition without the need for outsourcing and at such a great price point. He makes us look so good! We would recommend him without question for any project large or small. His work is museum grade. He is prompt, professional, and amazingly talented. We are very blessed to have him to reach out to whenever we get a whacky new idea! – Debbie, Trustee at Get Healthy PMA, Rockwall, Texas.


For vibrant health,

Debbie Weygandt, ND 

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